Balloon Tooth Gallery

Chapter 2 : «Whether If It's Possible Or Not, Idgaf» by /˙6re6˙re7|ull˙/ Chapter 1 : «I Am Fucking My Own Dick While Sucking My Bellybutton» by Elod Janky Chapter 0 : Prologue


(Balloon Tooth Gallery) is an experimental approach to an online gallery space drawing inspiration from the surrealist concept of cadavre exquis. Contributing artists are to build a consecutive narrative spanning across all the exhibitions (Chapters) by reflecting to the previous instalments by any associative means (text, symbolism, «mood» etc.). Our main approach is to promote the freedom of imagination and the exploration of poetic relations of different visual and textual material.

Balloon Tooth Gallery is run by Elod Janky and Gavin Vanaelst.

Get in touch: ball0nt00th@gmail.